Thursday, June 18, 2009

The way He make me Feel

tadi baca lagi dari watchful21 nikki nya Pi jaman dulu ..
sbenernya udah pernah baca dulu siih ..
tapi pas baca lagi teteep aja ..

Heu ..
He simply make me kinda touched
How can I not love you Pi ?

Credit to : watchful21
Ttranslate by : Immortal_piglet

PM6 :09

Hello everyone~ Why is the weather a little cold?
Today, on the way home, when I saw the scene of a family queuing up in front of the yakiniku stall, I suddenly remembered a few things.
For me, ever since I was small, my father was no longer by my side, so my memories of him and a complete family of 4 are actually really very little. At that time, why did mother marry father? Un, most likely it is because at that time they loved each other~ laughs
She must have thought that he was the fated one. Not caring about what the ending is first, even if it's only love at one moment, that is also close to a miracle right. After all, among 6 billion people, being able to meet the opposite party is already considered an incredible thing, not to mention Love.
That is why, the people who have someone they like right now, and lovers, and friends who already have a husband, you have to be thankful for being able to meet the person you like~
I am also very thankful to God for letting me be able to meet the 7 people in the group; of course, there is also Jin, Toma, Shunsuke, and Hasegawa.
Back to the topic just now, if father had always been by my side, I might not have the chance to enter a world like this!
Because father was a strict person, if he had been by my side at that time, he would definitely said this kind of words to me, "Do you think that going into the performing world would earn you a living? Impossible, Impossible!"
If I carried on that way, I also would not have the chance to enter Horikoshi Gakuen, the chance to get to know these friends who are very precious to me right now. And the concept of treasuring my family right now would definitely be weak.
So, I feel that writing a nikki like this everyday to let everyone understand my own feelings and things is also fated~
So starting from now on, even if it is a boring nikki, I also hope everyone will bear with it and read on~
As long as everyone wants to read, I will continue to do my best and write!
Today it seems like I let everyone see my true colors! laughs.
Suddenly I remembered, tomorrow it seems like I will be appearing in Mezamashi television program, everyone please watch it for sure~

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KEREN! Ya ampun, itu YAMAPI? BENER ITU YAMAPI?? *terharu*

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